Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

14242272_631089570406243_9063338959213982285_o   We know that comes times life gets hard and you need some support. We're working on a plan to better support our members and their families, and to better promote positive┬ámental and physical well-being.  
  • Amber Flag Initiative
  • Resources and Supports
    • Here's an overview of the resources and supports that help promote positive mental health and wellbeing and explain how to get help if you'd feel like talking to someone.
    • The GAA has developed a mental health resource for players, coaches, clubs and communities called Play In My Boots.
    • Self-awareness is the first step towards tackling your feelings. If we take time out to slow down and connect with the real source of our discomfort, we can choose more mindful and effective ways of resolving it. Take the IRFU's Tackle your Feelings Test to see where you stand.
    • People know you can strengthen your muscles through regular exercise. Did you know you can strengthen your mental wellbeing in a similar way? The IRFU also has a number of resources to help you with these exercises.
  • Fundraisers

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